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  is different are special hifi dealers and importers

Our main interest is music.  Being so music is also the most important value when we evaluate hifi.

With us you can be sure that our recommendations aim for the best possible musical reproduction for the price.  And we can show what that means.  Our recommendations handle the whole system, not only one part of it.  And comes from musical bases with understanding how the signal passes the hifi system.  Putting main importance to right components to make the best results in the end.

The best results mean biggest enjoy at home.  When that is happening, our goal will be completed.

With us, you will not be mumbojumboed with anything nonsense.  Music is the meaning and will create the means for what and how.  Everything can be showed and noticed.  Now, we are different but that is why we exist.  We would not be interested in just another hifi.

Welcome to visit and to spend some joyful time with us!


Welcome to Lauttasaari! - It's only 5 minutes by Metro from Railway station.
Our shop is only few hundred meters from Metro to south.